Comme un saut immobile2023

Swiss dancer and choreographer Lorena Dozio continues her quest for the invisible, but this time with words. Her new work focuses on the human voice and the relationship between body and text. In this dissociation between movement and its description, Dozio seeks a way out to make visitors and ghosts appear in a dialogue between life and death.

The choreography deals with the relationship between the environment and the limits of the body. Lorena Dozio explores the description as well as the spirit of the environment, the climate and the sensations that a landscape can evoke. As in a film sequence where the conditions change and gradually transform until the encounter with another body, immaterial but made present by the dancer's movement. Then there is the question of entering the body on stage through "extreme" experiences such as trance or apnoea. What happens in the mind and body during these physical states of altered consciousness?

Sound and sound technology are an important component of the dramaturgy as they allow to conjure presences and absences, to draw the audience into the stage space by creating a sensory immersion through quadrophony. A real-time dialogue between Lorena Dozio's body, Stéphane Bouquet's voice, Kerwin Rolland's sound and music.

conception, choreography and dance: Lorena Dozio
dramaturgy, text and voice: Stéphane Bouquet
sound and music: Kerwin Rolland
music: Carlo Ciceri, Am Flusse de Ins Wasser (Ed. Suvini Zerboni), Ensemble del Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Anna Piroli, voice, Francesco Bossaglia, conductor. Live recording on 11 September 2016
lighting: Séverine Rième
artistic collaboration: Kerem Gelebek, Séverine Bauvais
development and distribution: Sylvie Becquet
production and administration: Anna Ladeira, Sergio Chianca
production: Plateforme Crile
co-production with LAC Lugano Arte, CCS Paris and Cultura Micadanses
artistic residencies: LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Grame, Théâtre Sévelin 36, Danse Dense, Micadanses
Festival Fait d'Hiver, Dansomètre, Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris, Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi - Venezia
with the support of : Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos, City of Lugano, Percento Culturale Migros, Spedidam, Adam, New Echo System - Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi - Pro Helvetia.
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