Otolithes_On Air2017

Otolithes_On Air is inspired by the languages of birds and the whistling languages practiced throughout the world. By investigating the relationship to air, sound and the other through whistling, bodies become musical instruments and generators of movement. Investigating the pressure of air as a support, which leads to lifting and elevation defying the force of gravity.

From the stage of the piece Otolithes pour boîte noir we go outside, in the framework of the Nomadic Programme, in gardens, on beaches, in the open air, to question the notion of partition: to amplify, deconstruct, dissipate, increase it by taking support from the theory of the multiverse which says that everything that is not realised in this universe is realised in other parallel universes. We will then develop versions B,C,D from the matrix score carried by three dancers and a musician creating specific constellations and landscapes in each place.

Conception: and choreography Lorena Dozio
Dance: Sévérine Bauvais, Aniol Bousquet, Julie Salgues
Music: Kerwin Rolland
Costumes: Danielle Zuri
Production and administration: Clémence Sormani and Sergio Chianca
Production: Crile / delegated production Bagacera
Coproduction: Nos lieux communs, as part of Nomades; À domicile - Guissény
Support: ADAMI, SPEDIDAM and with the support of Pro Helvetia - touring support