Otolithes is inspired by the languages of birds and the whistled languages practiced throughout the world. By investigating the relationship to air, sound and the other through whistling, the bodies become musical instruments and transmitters of code. The four body-sensors generate ephemeral constellations on the different planes guided by the otoliths, crystals of the inner ear that participate in balance and orientation in space.

Conception, choreography and device: Lorena Dozio
Performance: Séverine Bauvais, Aniol Busquets,
Lorena Dozio, Julie Salgues
Musical composition and device: Carlo Ciceri
Lighting design: Séverine Rième
Dramaturgy accompaniment: Stefano Tomassini
Photos: Roberto Mucchiut Roberto Mucchiut
Coproduction and residencies: LAC - LuganoInScena, Dampfzentrale Bern, Théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne,
Tanzhaus Zürich in the framework of the Programmers' Fund / Reso - Réseau Danse Suisse and CND Pantin, at Point Ephémère Paris