The verb dazzle literally means "to bright". Dazzle derives from the American expression razzle-dazzle which expresses an attempt to confuse ideas and during the First World War became the name of a camouflage technique. The Dazzle project questions invisibility, the becoming invisible as an action and performative strategy through the plastic axis - camouflage; the perceptual axis - deflecting the senses; and the spiritual-textual axis - transmitting the invisible.

Concept, choreography, space: Lorena Dozio
Interpretation: Caterina Basso
Set design: Lorena Dozio, Kerem Gelebek, Ilija Luginbühl
Lighting design: Séverine Rième
Sound design, live-electronics and sound direction Alessio Sabella
Music: Devlin, Recoandite, Infidel?/Castro!
Text: Georges Didi-Hubermann
Production: Clémence Sormani
Administration and dissemination: Sergio Chianca
Acknowledgements: Carlo Ciceri, Cristina Galbiati, Marisa and Emmy Rossi
Production: Crile
Delegated Production: Bagacera
Co-production: LuganoInScena - LAC
Residence: Teatro Laura Betti-Casalecchio di Reno (I)
With the support of:
Republic and Canton of Ticino - Swisslos Fund,
Pro Helvetia - Swiss Foundation for Culture